About winning

Awards & Nominations

Carmen Nutbey has worked as senior graphic & motion designer on award-winning and nominated projects. In particular, the stylish and rich design of the Municipality of Amsterdam and the typographic style for City Theatre Utrecht won several prizes.

City Theater Utrecht

Corporate branding & Motion graphics

  1. A’Design Award Platinum Winner for Graphics Design Category 2010
  2. Designpreis Deutschland Nominee 2010
  3. Red Dot Award Winner 2009
  4. European Design Award Award winner 2010
  5. ADCN Award Nominee
  6. D&AD Awards

City of Amsterdam

Corporate branding & Motion graphics

  1. Dutch House Style Award Winner 2003
  2. Rotterdam Design Prize Nominee 2003
  3. Dutch Design Awards Nominee 2003
  4. WebWijzer Awards Winner 2006