about. Carmen Nutbey

Visual artist, illustrator and designer. Creator of bombastic art paintings, editorial illustrations and designer of branding and digital (user interface) projects.

Studio based in Amsterdam IJburg

Illustrator & Fine Artist
Conceptual illustrator of editorial themes & corporate pictograms. Visual Artist of murals in public space.


Sr. Graphic & Motion Designer
Graphic Designer van huisstijlen en campagnes voor Banken, Gemeente & Overheid, de Culturele Sector en Onderwijsinstellingen. Motion Designer van corporate animaties en Visual Designer voor Web & Schermtoepassingen.

Senior Ontwerper van 1998 – 2010
(BRS Premsela Vonk – Eden Design & Communication – Edenspiekermann).

Sr. Graphic & Visual Designer
Sinds 2010 zelfstandig ontwerper vanuit Studio NutbeyDesign+ of als freelance Visual Designer op locatie. Werkend in teamverband (scrum) aan Digital Design producten voor multinationals: ABN Amro, Akzo Nobel, Nuon Vattenfal, Europeesche Verzekeringen.
Natuurlijk volgens User Centred Design Principles en met de Atomic Design methodiek van Brad Frost, maar ook met veel gevoel voor esthetiek!


Employee 1998 - 2010

Graphic Design& Motion

I started my professional career as graphic designer at an international communication agency. Specialized in creating coporate designs for companies and organisations. I love to create designs that help to establish and maintain a company's brand identity. I work across a range of mediums, including print, digital, and multimedia.

I was a senior designer at Edenspiekermann (aka BRS Premsela Vonk / Eden Communication) from 1998 - 2010


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Visual DesignUI & UX

As visual designer I create User Centred Designs (UCD) with a keen eye for aesthetics. Not only taking care of the best user experience but also listen to and team up with developers, UX Researchers, Interaction Designers, Testers, Stakeholders, Product owners and Managers.

As from 2010 I started my own business called NutbeyDesign. Mostly doing long term assignments at client site or remotely from my studio.

Studio Carmen Nutbey

Freelance projects

Illustrations& Fine Arts

Using illustrations is always a good choice. Illustrations make articles more attractive. They immediately clarify a subject or attract people to start reading. Complex articles are easier to understand and to read when using visualisations.

Since 2019 I started Studio Carmen Nutbey to create & deliver editorial or conceptual illustrations and make fine arts.



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